Skinner faces some demons of his own, and by sharing the experience, Mulder learns much about himself, and his Master. Walter's playful side comes out with his brand new lover. Mulder and Scully take care of Skinner in the aftermath of a traumatic case. UST moving into NC-17 and slash. 26 sentences using each letter of the alphabet, making a beautiful little vignette When you can't remember who you are,you might make a big mistake. Mulder gives Skinner something unexpected after "Zero Sum" Mulder and Skinner angst abounds in these slash stories, rated between PG-13 and NC- 17 *** WINNER OF THE 1998 SPOOKY AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING SKINNER/MULDER ROMANCE!!! ***
Another trip for Skinner and Mulder to the hot South. A VCS case, a hotel in Baton Rouge, a coming out of sorts.
Mulder and Skinner deal with the aftermath of Baton Rouge. Follows on directly from Discordia Concors. Sequel to Embarrass Du Choix. Mulder, Skinner and Scully try to heal their relationship issues. Skinner and Mulder spend 4th July weekend together. Following "Weighing In", Scully is shot. How will this impact the tripartite relationship? M/Sk Set in the near future, a story of pain and trust and the meaning of love. A cold Winter's day, a funeral and a resolution. A lovely new series. Walter suffers an injury and finds some good friends step up to help him recuperate. Sk/K - the encounter on the balcony leads to other situations. Starts badly, violently, but maybe they can work it out. Skinner needs to feel clean. Mulder and Skinner deal with the aftermath of Mulder reading Skinner's mind in Biogenesis and 6th Extinction. Someone knows just the way to make Walter melt... A bleak time for Walter. Skinner is kidnapped. ****WARNING!!...This story features male rape**** When you think you have nothing left to live for, how do you fill your time? Dessert can be sweet... and fun! Post-colonization tale. Walter Skinner is on a quest of his own... Skinner is in a coma and Mulder talks him out of it, in a typical and very Mulderesque way. A tough day at the office causes Skinner to experience a really strange dream featuring two very Special Agents. A post-nanocyte reunion between ex-lovers Skinner and Krycek
NOTE: This story is linked through Wayback.
Skinner tries to resolve a number of issues regarding his life and Fox Mulder. In the midst of the realities of war, the young Walter Skinner gets through a crisis and learns a valuable lesson. NOTE: This story is still a WIP.
How and why Skinner became emotionally repressed, and how this affects his present relationship with Mulder. Shows Skinner as an adult and as an 18-yr old Marine in Vietnam.
In a brave new world, two old friends meet... Someone is going, going, gone... but not alone. Someone gets carried away. It is possible to talk less and still be heard. Mulder finally understands a secret about his life that everyone else has always known. Will the blow, whatever it was, shatter him? Can you say "Skinnerella"? In the aftermath of his brush with death, Skinner finds he isn't as alone as he thought. ****Content warning: biting and blood**** Skinner/Krycek, Master/slave relationship. Walter is reminded why he shouldn't be late getting home from work. Skinner gets a surprise after work. A story for foot and food fetishists. Skinner is undressing in a hotel room, thinking... Skinner broods about the harsh realities of his life. Your convictions aren't always true. Mulder and Skinner learn this from each other. Skinner catches up with loving Mulder one Sunday - A non-torturous interlude between Karma Books 1 & 2 Mulder isn't the only one with problems. Links Books 2 and 3 of the series. Mulder and Skinner are going on vacation, but what's wrong with Mulder? The wedding! Skinner is suffering, Pendrell is administering the TLC. Skinner had a personal tradgedy and Mulder steps up to help him. Skinner's life is turned upside down when a stranger from a strange land crashes into his life. Skinner must deal with the consequences of a new ability and what it means to him and Mulder. It's Hallowe'en, weirdness happens. Sequel of sorts to "Electric Chair". One particular *very* good boy gets some TLC at long last. Trapped in the wilds by a winter storm, Mulder, Skinner and Scully grow closer. Skinner's past as a victim of experimentation in Vietnam comes back to haunt him, entangling Mulder and Scully in a complex web that binds the thre of them inextricably together. Memories best forgotten seem to rise up in the night. Sometime between SR819 and One Father, Two Sons, Krycek welcomes Skinner to the wonderful world of high technology. A Medieval AU where Walter and Fox are still destined to be together. Serious, mildly slashy and weird. Sappy threesome schmangst (schmoopy angst) for hopeless romantic WalterTorture addicts only. Flickfic, that hospital scene and after... A sequel to "They Also Serve". Some thoughts about hospitals and missing scenes. Three Of A Kind post-ep, in which the author twists everything to fit her own little slashworld. Some thoughts about hospitals and doing what you don't want to do. Skinner gives a rare glimpse of his emotions after the events of "Requiem." A Drabble... a moment of hurt/comfort. What happens when the most beautiful man in the world marries the handsomest prince in the world - and he turns out to be a son-of-a-bitch? A good Marine knows how to take orders :-) Skinner/Krycek. When is canon not canon??? Xanthe calls this "the Dallas variant" - you'll see why. Sequel to Thunder Skinner angst, Mulder comfort. Events from Skinner's past come back to haunt not only him... A double drabble. Mulder is returned from his abduction and Skinner tries to deal with his feelings. Anyone who knocks on Skinner's door at 9am on a hungover Saturday morning gets what he deserves...! In danger of losing himself, Skinner finds he is not alone after all.
More surprises for Skinner - this time at a Chinese restaurant. Post SR819. Krycek makes Skinner an offer he can't refuse, and the Assistant Director is forced to discover his own dark side. Skinner gets a very interesting New Year gift in the shape of a stricken enemy, but is everything what it appears to be? JiM's trilogy, now collated. A conversation in the dark leads to changes for both men. Lovely seasonal schmoop! A tale of magic and enchantment. Sequel to Xanthe's beautiful "November", set in her own AU and post-6th Extinction/Amor Fati. Violent events from Skinner's past are repeated in the present in an attempt to control him. Mulder and Skinner go undercover at a gay S/M club in order to solve some murders. A tragic event brings two grieving people together. Sometimes the strangest things help you heal. Mulder, Skinner and Scully's relationship deepens and takes a new turn - with complications. Skinner and Scully explore the relationshop that they began in Threefold Charm Scully reflects on her weekend with Skinner Mulder and Scully get an intern, who is not quite what he seems. Sequel to Lightning. Skinner contemplates a variation on the idea that the sleep of reason produces monsters. Our favourite guy is a tough nut to crack - but he's cracking. Mulder and Scully take revenge for Skinner's ingratitude during SR819. What Mulder wants, Mulder gets... At the mercy of Krycek and his palm pilot, Skinner has never needed Mulder more. Scully helps Skinner fulfil a fantasy. Part of the "underOrders" universe, which contains both M/Sk and Sc/Sk, and is listed on the Erotica page. Skinner and Mr. X in the elevator (missing scene from End Game). The musings of three people... Skinner reflects on the end of his relationship with Fox Mulder. Mulder's view of some of the events in SR819. Mulder's reaction to Skinner's dismissal in SR819. Mulder and Skinner's relationship is recovering nicely. Unfortunately Skinner isn't so lucky. Skinner ruminates on recent events. Follows "Voices III" Post-Requiem. Skinner misses Mulder. When one of Skinner's old Vietnam buddies disappears, the AD goes undercover in a drug gang to find out what happened to him, and Mulder decides to join the mission. Long, serious romance with a plot (gasp!)
  • Warm by Elizabeth Gerber
Mulder recovers from the events of the Biogenesis mytharc and "warms up" with Skinner. Scully and Kimberly set up a welcome home for their boss Serious male bonding