Painful thoughts for Walter. Skinner gives Mulder and Scully a wake-up call. The aftermath of a hostage situation draws Mulder and particularly Skinner and Scully closer together. AD Skinner's view on SR819. First of a series of vignettes. Fox Mulder's view on SR819. Second in a series of vignettes. Dana Scully's view on SR819. Third in a series of vignettes. A young Walter Skinner makes a decision that has a profound effect on both him and his family. When an informant offers Skinner a piece of vital information that must be obtained at any cost, the X-Files agents strive to prevent that cost being the AD's life. In order to catch Eddie Van Blundt after he escapes from prison, Skinner, Scully and Mulder must look beyond the surface of things. Skinner's pain during Biogenesis 1 Skinner reflects on his relationship with Sharon. An old man remembers. Monica Reyes is introduced to the strange ways of the X-Files. Major Skinner angst as he faces his feelings for Scully How far do you go in comforting a friend? Skinner must find the hope under the silence. A new series-in-progress. Skinner along with Scully, who is trying to recover from the disappearance of her long-time partner, must catch a serial killer who has eluded The FBI not once but twice. An ailing Skinner accompanies Mulder and Scully to Roanoke in pursuit of a killer the AD helped put away fifteen years ago. Along the way, Skinner comes to realize his unique relationship withh the X- Files team. Skinner and Scully write a letter to each other after their first time together. Sharon Skinner angst. Scully's reaction to Skinner's deal with CSM and to his reasons for making the deal. An explanation of the nature of guilt and healing. Mulder bonds with a small child. Mulder and Scully mysteriously disappear, and Skinner must face his past to save them. In danger of losing himself, Skinner finds he is not alone after all. Walter Skinner angst - a companion to "Mine First, Children" The Big Guy hurts too Sequel to "Look At The Stars." Not everything is dead and buried. Skinner reflects on his friendship with Gladys Krycek come to Mulder with a problem that turns into a major bombshell. The Surly One gives Moose and Squirrel a long-overdue piece of his mind. Scully has to make a choice that will alter more than just her own life. A trapped Skinner needs to find a reason for living. Post-"This Is Not Happening" angst. Takes place in the near future, after the planned invasion of the planet. Focuses on the radically altered existence of Walter Skinner