Walter's playful side comes out with his brand new lover. Mulder and Skinner share some downtime. Walter's plans for a quiet time are repeatedly interrupted. A delicious schmoopy drabble with M/Sc/Sk and a car. Love hurts, love scars. A parody. Totally tongue-in-cheek. A Skinner on the verge of a nervous breakdown tries to convince M & S that there is more to his personality than he has been allowed to express Another bizarre threesome fantasy, and believe it or not - this one and Xanthe's were conceived entirely independently! Slashy. Skinner, Pendrell, Mulder and fan-favourite Tom Colton spend the taxpayer's money on another Male Bondage seminar. A May Day celebration. Or, an interesting use for a tall man with a bald head. A drabble... small, perfectly formed... A slashy tale of True Love and High Adventure Skinner and Scully get a taste of each other's point of view. Skinner learns the hard way that most household (or hotel) accidents occur in the bathroom. Mulder goes looking for action at an S&M club. We learn why Skinner enlisted in the Marines so young... Slashy torment. Testosterone versus estrogen: who do you think will win? Bizarre threesome fantasy