Skinner/Scully romance in which Skinner is injured. Skinner/Scully romance. Skinner is injured and Mulder discovers their relationship. A schmoopy comfort series in which Mulder and Scully take care of a vulnerable Skinner UST shifting into PG, into NC-17/Slash A wicked drabble where Our Hero has to share a car with his two naughtiest Agents. Sk/Sc There is another child out there. Fourth and last piece in the "Retrieval" universe. In the harsh conditions of a world struck by a devastating virus, Skinner and Scully spearhead the rescue and forge a new relationship. Sk/Sc songfic Skinner/Scully romance. Skinner experiences nightmares where Scully is in danger and Mulder attempts to help him work through them. While taking some mandated leave time, Skinner meets a mysterious woman. Sequel to Morning Glow and Afternoon Delight Skinner/Scully romance. Skinner is tortured and Scully helps him recover. A very intimate and erotic little series. Features Walter Skinner and Dana Scully and some very revealing sparks fly. A series of unspeakable murders sets a beautiful other-worldly vigilante on a grisly quest that brings her up-close-and-personal with a certain AD. No actual Waltertorture yet, but we are promised it in part 2 Scully, Mulder and Skinner's lives are drawn together one last time by a bond too strong to be broken by their enemies, as Skinner performs an ultimate act of friendship.
  • Mara by Daydreamer
While overseeing a murder investigation, Skinner meets a woman who changes his life completely. Mara and Skinner start a life together but her abusive ex-husband won't leave them in peace. Skinner, Mulder, Scully and an incident in a motel in Pennsylvania. ****Contains some slash**** Still new to his role as Sub, Walter has a stressful week and thinks he's ruined everything.
Pam Driscoll and the longest day. Three people complete their circle, as seen through an observer's eyes. The third story in the "Retrieval" universe. Mulder, Scully and Skinner go to visit the children and their adoptive parents, only to find that tragedy has struck and the children are missing. Scully has to look after an injured Mulder and the only person she can turn to is Skinner. Skinner considers his Agents' PR job for the Bureau in "Cops" The aftermath of Biogenesis 1 A dramatic decision makes both Skinner and Scully reassess their relationship Skinner's life is renewed by a visit from Scully and ghostly memories of Sharon. Companion piece to "Portrait", from Skinner's POV Pre-X-Files. Skinner rocks the boat as he is made the youngest AD at the FBI. The start of a new series from Batela.
CSM discovers Skinner's weakness and uses it to reel him in.
Mulder, Scully and Skinner travel to Maine on a case that proves to be a very dangerous and then deadly X-File. First in a new series, rated up to NC-17. NOTE - series includes some slash. Skinner and Krycek share a wry moment. Walter and Alex go out to play and find something unexpected. Alex is having fun, Walter is having major angst pains. Sk/Sc. Alex has a new owner and Skinner gets a rude awakening. Skinner is just about ready to give up hope when a new player enters the ring. Fate tries to separate Skinner and Scully Skinner gets frustrated with being in charge, so he lets someone else take over. A new series featuring M/Sk, Sc/Sk and M/Sk/Sc, rated up to NC-17. NOTE - series includes some slash. The wonderful sequel to "Retrieval" (see General section) With the threat of Scully's cancer returning, CSM Skinner into another covert operation. When Mulder finds out what is happening, he insists on being involved.