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Welcome to the universe of "Baccarat Figurines," a collection of Mulder/Skinner slash stories conceived by Sean Spencer and written by Sean Spencer and Kiyoko Ishimura. Stories are listed in chronological order. Mulder needs a good chewing out and his new AD lets him have it. A Safeway encounter brings back painful memories for Walter Skinner. Soldier Skinner in Bangkok. SkinnerAngst. Sequel to Ms. Butterfly. Skinner and Scully help Mulder deal with getting shot in the leg. Prelude to "Baccarat Figurines". Major romance and angst between a closeted Assistant Director and a certain, similarly closeted, tall Bureau agent. Missing scene from "Baccarat Figurines". Their first time. A special time at the cabin by the lake as they continue to iron out the kinks in the early days of their relationship. Anticipation and new discoveries. Post episode vignette of Fearful Symmetry in the Baccarat Household. A tongue-tied moment. Skinner provides some comfort on a sad anniversary. Someone's hooked on television. What happens when a closeted Assistant Director has to tell his old army buddy of his new-found love? Thrown erasers, downed pills and six-packs are the result. Stand-alone story in the "Baccarat" universe. A forest summer investigation leads to unexpected and unpleasant consequences. A coughing and sneezing Mulder gets more help from Scully than he bargained for. Scully and Mulder get engaged, but not to each other. In this sentimental series of vignettes here are no clones, but vehicles figure prominently in this sequel to "Baccarat Figurines". Disturbing Vineyard memories. Mulder leaves a bizarre trail of tropical fruit at the Hoover. Scully rescues Mulder (and Skinner) again! Dilemmas are faced as Skinner adjusts to the Deputy Directorship. Deputy Director Skinner tries to maintain a low profile to preserve harmony at home and at work. Relatives putter around in a haunted house. Features "odd" and "even" days. Special Agent Mulder takes Deputy Director Skinner to new places. Besides puppy dog eyes, Mulder and Taylor resemble each other in more ways than one. Sometimes, you just can't stand the one you love. Cancun interlude on their sixth anniversary. The six-year honeymoon is over as Mulder and Skinner really start living together. Bombers, books and boxes abound, as do cookies and chocolate. For once, Mulder shows gratitude in the traditional way. A Crystal City neighbor's thoughts on the two Bureau men living together next door. A stand alone story in the Baccarat universe. Skinner agonizes over Mulder's recent purchases. Skinner relishes some time away from his desk. A family member reveals more than he should. How far will you go for your lover? The future looks bright and promising for our two lovebirds. The City of Lights beckons. Skinner contemplates his lover's physical charms.